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What do the words openvented, crossslide and dwangs have in common?


What do you do at the end of a long day, filled with giving presentations, sitting in on long meetings and dreading deadlines? Attend a presentation by an expert who knows her vocabulary! Thanks to the NATESOL committee, this afternoon English Language tutors in the region attended a talk by Averil Coxhead from Victoria University of Wellington, who shared her recent research project with us and gave us some pointers on teaching vocabulary.

It was refreshing, energising and completely relevant! Research must be applied to everyday classroom (that is if you’re a teacher, otherwise pick your location, where ever it maybe – retail shop, ocean, space shuttle) If you can’t apply your findings to your teaching, you’ve probably been wasting your time doing all that research. If you can’t justify your teaching, you probably shouldn’t be in front of students. Research & practice go hand in hand. Useless to have one without the other. Therefore when someone from a department of Applied Linguistics gives a talk, you know it’ll be good! I was too tired to go but not disappointed. Instead came out rejuvenated. Discovered new publications too!

Project: Scaffolding for the RWC


I like Rich Pictures. I’m not creatively talented, as you can probably see in the image below) but I enjoy the challenge of drawing the ‘big picture’. Read more…

Project: Catering


Teacher Hat: Make sure the new knowledge item/concept/idea is related to prior knowledge, experience or skill.

Student Hat: Make sure to revise recently acquired knowledge by applying it to new contexts.

The result: Soft Systems Methodology meets Project Management Read more…

DEANZ 2016 Conference Proceedings


DEANZ 2016 Conference Proceedings


Project-based Learning and Project Management – Part 1


Does Project-based Learning (PBL) have much to do with Project Management (PM)? If so, how are they related? What are the overlaps? How can students benefit from a wealth of PMI resources and tools? And, more importantly (for me anyway) how can Agile mindset be applied to PBL?  Read more…

Why me?


This is probably the most difficult task for me so far – why me?

I could talk about 3D multi-user virtual worlds (MUVEs), or I could even attempt to say a few words about LiveCode (my life-long hobby), and perhaps could dive straight into the topic of Agile software development, using the Scrum framework, which is delivering shippable software every ‘sprint’.

Of course, then there’s the use of Social Media, no, not just for ‘fun’ watching funny videos, but for professional development. Amazing what you can find on Twitter profiles! But you’ve got to be selective about who you follow on Social Media😉.

All of which leads me to the topic of academic research, because you can’t practise as an educator without grounded theory, and you can’t theorise without real practice! It’s a virtuous cycle you see. You just have to question everything!

But, instead of all that I have to talk about myself – why, oh why?

How to start a project – be agile!


It’s about time I started my project for SYD701 – you can only keep a project in your head for so long! This project will incorporate elements of SDLC/Waterfall/Agile. Why, you may ask? I would like to get the project underway, and complete it in the most effective and efficient way – I don’t have time to take sides! Not with this project anyway! Read more…

Agile Experts


This is a quick post to list the Agile-related sites that I’ve come across during my travels. It’s not an exhaustive list, and is bound to increase, but this is a good starting point I think.

Now, off to reading them!

Agile Learning Design – The Background


This blog post has been ‘brewing’ for quiet sometime – about 18 months, actually, give or take 3 months. I’ve been wondering about why I’ve been following blogs, tweets, and sites to do with Agile, Scrum, Software Development, Management Styles, Happiness… (and the list goes on), when most of my working day is spent on teaching, learning, group interactions, learner achievement and engagement?  Read more…

Updates: VIBE, Utherverse, David Deeds’ scoopit


Awesome site for 3D Virtual Worlds!

Edorble: Blog

Greetings virtual worlders!  We’ve added a few things to our resources and virtual worlds for education lists, so feel free to check them out.  We’d also like to draw special attention to a great curated list of resources by Virtual World guru David Deeds. We will also post a link to this in our resources list, but here it is as well.  You’ll see a link on there for a presentation he gave about using OpenSim in the k12 classroom.

Thanks for the great work, David!

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