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Ascilite 2017 Product Backlog

Ascilite 2017 Backlog Draft 2

Ascilite 2017 Backlog Draft 2

Here ’tis! This is the big picture, aka the high level requirements, with designated dates for completion. Errors were spotted as soon as Draft 1 was created, hence the Draft 2. Read more…


What’s your purpose?


I would like to apply for a job


No, no, I’m perfectly happy with current my job! In fact, I’m living the dream – got my dream job, in a dream location with my very real family! It is a dream come true! My role involves assisting others to achieve their dream jobs. Read more…

Sample Post for DES501 Assessment 1


I must admit I wasn’t really sure how to start this assessment task so I did what most people would do – googled it! When I entered the search phrase “IT Companies” I came up with over 1 billion returns!sample-search-1

I had to refine my search a bit, e.g. “IT companies in NZ” or “IT companies in Nelson” Bingo!


I actually heard good things about BlueBerryIT, which incidentally came on top of my Google search. I decided to follow it up, so used LinkedIn and FB Pages to find out more about the company.

Wehn I had enough to go on, I decided to something I never had the nerve to do before! I actually gave them a call! Well, I thought this is my great opportunity to have an excuse to call, introduce myself and find out a bit more about the company. I couldn’t see the organisational structure on the web site so I thought I’d ask.

It paid off big time! They were very helpful and gave me a good half an hour on the phone to describe the company, how they operate and deliver their products. One of the discoveries from our phone conversation was that they have a matrix organisation structure, rather than a functional one. They explained the difference, which I can’t remember, but since I like the movie Matrix, I’m sure to remember the term for many years to come!

Grand Designs


Ok, the title is not my own but from one of my favourite TV programmes. I try to watch all of the versions from UK, Australia and New Zealand. All versions are in English language, and yet can vary so much in the content, offering different insights, style and delivery, which makes it all the more fascinating to watch. Read more…

Nil by mouth


The last few months have definitely thrown a spanner (or wrench) in the works for me. I’ve had 4 visits to the hospital, 3 of them involving the operating theatre, many trips to the X-ray/ultra sound/ MRI clinic, endless visits to my GP & the neighbouring pharmacy, and the numerous clicks on medical websites via Google! The last number of visits being the worst so I think I’ll stop surfing the medical sites from now on 🙂 Read more…

TED’s secret to great public speaking


Why I live in mortal dread of public speaking


What do the words openvented, crossslide and dwangs have in common?


What do you do at the end of a long day, filled with giving presentations, sitting in on long meetings and dreading deadlines? Attend a presentation by an expert who knows her vocabulary! Thanks to the NATESOL committee, this afternoon English Language tutors in the region attended a talk by Averil Coxhead from Victoria University of Wellington, who shared her recent research project with us and gave us some pointers on teaching vocabulary.

It was refreshing, energising and completely relevant! Research must be applied to everyday classroom (that is if you’re a teacher, otherwise pick your location, where ever it maybe – retail shop, ocean, space shuttle) If you can’t apply your findings to your teaching, you’ve probably been wasting your time doing all that research. If you can’t justify your teaching, you probably shouldn’t be in front of students. Research & practice go hand in hand. Useless to have one without the other. Therefore when someone from a department of Applied Linguistics gives a talk, you know it’ll be good! I was too tired to go but not disappointed. Instead came out rejuvenated. Discovered new publications too!

Project: Scaffolding for the RWC


I like Rich Pictures. I’m not creatively talented, as you can probably see in the image below) but I enjoy the challenge of drawing the ‘big picture’. Read more…