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Who is CyberAmber Pixelmaid?


Why did I choose this name for my avatar?

Simply didn’t read the instructions carefully when I first joined SL! I could choose a first name, but had to adopt a surname that SL had available from a list. So I chose ‘Pixelmaid’ from that list, as I like pixels and photography. As for the first name, I wanted ‘KiwiBelma’ but somehow decided to go with a totally anonymous name. I wasn’t sure about the safety issues in SL, and am still not fully aware of them.

Now, I regret it. So much so, CyberAmber has a sister in SL, called KiwiBelma (but she’s only active in the academic/research world). CyberAmber is the one that roams cyberworlds, and soon hypergrids.

Why CyberAmber – like the sound of  ‘Ay, Caramba!’. So CyberAmber is very much a Latino.

What does my avatar’s appearance say about me?

She certainly looks more attractive than me! But, she has been putting on some kilos lately. Lack of exercise, tsk tsk. I’d like her to be as realistic as possible without ruining the fantasy.

How much does my avatar represent who I am?

She is my alter ego, she has to be! She’s free to do virtually anything! You should see the ‘sexy walk’ (a script I couldn’t resist keeping) she has striding her stuff! She’s also got some John Lennon sun glasses but that’s because I couldn’t find any ordinary ones. We’re pretty much on the same wavelength, most of the time, so we get along just fine. She likes trying on clothes that I would never dream of looking at, let alone wear in RL. Yes, that’s including wearing cubes and boxes!

How important is my avatar to me?

Hmmm, she is rather special. She lets me explore places that I’ve never been to before, and probably will never visit in RL. She’s more confident than I am when it comes to talking to total strangers so that must be a plus. Though I must admit, I still have more friends than her, for now.

How important are other people’s avatar appearances to me?

Hmmmm, personally speaking, I still make ‘judgements’ of other avatars based on their appearance. Then I read their bio, only to find that some prefer to reveal nothing. This makes me wonder ‘What are they hiding?’ or ‘protecting’. The choice is personal. We do it in RL too. I have yet to meet a person with a huge banner around their neck, revealing all the personal info.

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    Cool post! .. Thoughtful, and interesting.


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      Cheers 🙂
      Sorry for the delayed ‘approval’. Still learning WordPress and can’t remember how to change the settings to approve automatically :-))

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