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MUVE Location – EduNation Islands in SL


MUVE location – EduNation (SL)


  • Why did I choose it? (Who built it?)
    • It’s the second ever location I’ve visited in SL! (The first one is Koru 😉
    • The three owners Randall Sadler, Heike Philp, Paul East and Carol Rainbow (see contact information) dedicate their time and resources to provide this virtual space in a not-for-profit manner.
  • What functionality/interactivity does it provide? (i.e. what do avatars DO there?)
    • teach and learn languages
    • use it for the purpose of:
      • Virtual World Telecollaboration
      • Educational Simulations
      • Virtual Classrooms
      • Class Exchanges
    • exchange ideas on teaching languages in SL
    • have conferences/workshops/paties
  • How does it look?/How is it built?/How much scripting there seems to be?
    • Edunation I
      • For experienced Second Life users and their own builds (15 plots)
      • “This island is for the more experienced Second Life users. It has a long tradition of crazy builds or as I may put it, residents with ‘a powerful imagination’. The plots of lands which can be rented are essentially empty spaces.”
    • EduNationIII
      • Custom built housing available for fast and easy set-up of offices or training centers (20 plots)
      • “This island provides a set of custom built housing for educators, who do not have time to waste for setting up their virtual domicile.With a single click on a holodeck, you are able to chose from a set of housing (for the choice of housing click HERE). Free furniture is available too. You can literally set up your office or your training studio in less than an hour!” (The EduNation Wiki)
  • How does it compare to others?
    • educational emphasis   (similar to the Skills Hyperdome)
    • created by people with similar professional objectives
    • it’s offered for a non-for-profit use, with varying rental arrangements
  • What are your impressions of it?
    • a true community of professionals who would like to advance in the world of language learning and teaching
    • using technology to enhance language learning and teaching
    • making the world a smaller place
    • just having some darn good fun!
    • Some images from the EduNation wiki:

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  1. Clare permalink
    03/04/2011 8:01 pm

    Great stuff – now see if you can take one small aspect of it and look more closely at how it is built, what kinds of textures are used, what kind of prims are used, what kind of interactivity there is (to help understand what scripting may be going on).

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