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MUVE Location – Virtlantis




  • What functionality/interactivity does it provide? (i.e. what do avatars DO there?)
  • How does it look?/How is it built?/How much scripting does there seem to be?
  • How does it compare to others?
    • There’re people from all over the world, different time zones, speaking many languages
    • a sharing community, very helpful and patient with the newbies like me
    • I can’t believe it’s free, which is how it should be, to keep the languages alive & well, especially the
      Map showing the distribution of language famil...

      Image via Wikipedia

      languages that are slowly disappearing

    • So, Virtlantis, as the name suggests, may be the last location for those minority languages.
    • It needs volunteers, and regular funding/donations
  • What are my first impressions?
    • I fell into the water the first time I teleported there!
    • Felt comfy & inviting upon arrival.
    • Feels like I’m on a holiday there, which is highly appropriate given you learn languages in Virtlantis.

It’s out of this world 😉

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