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SL Community Standards


SL Community Standards

  • A brief description of the six standards and a link to where they can be read:
    1. Intolerance – for other people and their beliefs. There’s no exception – if you think you’re better than anyone else, you don’t belong to the SL community.
    2. Harassment – or bullying is not acceptable. Any community is bound to have ‘ghettos’ (groupings), by being open and transparent, harassment or bullying in these groupings can be dealt with quickly. Report any harassment immediately.
    3. Assault – a serious, repetitive case of harassment, done deliberately to abuse other members of the community, which would prevent them from participating in the community, hence leading to ‘dissolving’ of SL.
    4. Disclosure – ‘talking behind your back’, revealing your confidential information to a third party without your permission, and ‘tapping into your phone line’ or eavesdropping and/or recording conversations without permission. This wouldn’t be allowed in the real world, therefore is unacceptable in SL.
    5. Adult groups, Regions and Listings – see Maturity Ratings – keep ‘adult’ – related activities private, or stay in Adult Continent Zindra.
    6. Disturbing the peace – “Every Resident has a right to live their Second Life” – without being disturbed deliberately and/or intentionally.
  • Why do you think they have been created? – It’s a contract and a business deal without a contract is almost worthless, as things become significant when things go wrong. When you set up an account, you’re bound by this business/legal contract. It should be all common sense, but not everybody has common sense, nor are willing to practise common sense, hence contracts. Every now and then, people need to have reminders on how to behave in society.
  • How would you make sure you do not violate the standards? – apply a bit of that common sense, read & re-visit the standards, and most importantly ask yourself whether you’d be happy to be treated the way you treat others in SL.
  • A brief description of what to do if you think that someone else is abusing the standards – establish ‘without reasonable doubt’ that they are abusing the standards, as accusing someone wrongly would be abusing the standards to begin with. Defamation is a serious offense and can ruin lives and reputations in an instant. Perhaps check with someone else first, someone you trust and respect, just like in real life. Once you can confirm that it is abusive behaviour, report it to the creators of SL – Linden Lab.

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