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Kiwi English – the announcement


Kiwi English – English Downunder

Kia Ora! Nau mai Haere mai!

This is how we greet and welcome people in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Here, you’ll find the thoughts and reflections of KiwiBelma and CyberAmber Pixelmaid who are about to embark on a mission of a (Second) Life time!

The mission is creating and conducting a series of free English lessons, where the participants will be introduced to the English spoken in New Zealand. The details of content and ‘learning outcomes’ will be provided soon.

The classes will take place in Koru:

I hope to meet regularly but the initial meeting will be the launch of the ‘Kiwi English’ sessions at the Hyperdome. (time & date coming soon 🙂

If you are –

then this may be the event you’ve been waiting for! Let me know if you’re interested, as we need a minimum number of people to get started.

The sessions are free and will require a high level of interaction. You’ll meet some Kiwis, some students who live in NZ and many more people who’d like to learn a bit more about this little country with a big heart.

Hope to see you there,


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