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Kiwi English – the Scenario


The Scenario

Teaching is a lot of hard work. Teaching in Second Life is proving to be even harder! So, I’ve decided not to teach in SL at all, instead I’ll invite some keen avatars to join me in playing ‘supermodel’ on the catwalk and have some darn good fun!

I’m planning to use the Skill Mastery Hyperdome to set the scene by introducing the avatars to all the goodies, followed by showing it all off on the catwalk. Here’s some more info from the Wiki Educator site, especially the Teacher Resources. But the highlight was when I met Briarmelle Quintessa inworld and asked her some questions about the Hyperdome. It can only be possible in virtual worlds. (BTW – she’s based in North Island, and I’m in South :-))

It’s important for all participants to feel comfortable in the new location. For some, it’ll be a whole new environment and experience. So the first class  session will be just that – fun & games.

If it’s fun, is it no longer considered a lesson? Does a lesson have to be serious? Can teaching and learning be achieved by having some serious fun? These questions are easy to ask but not necessarily straight forward to answer. I’m sure it’ll require more than 1 or 2 blog posts to find out what really takes place in a 3D, multi-user virtual environment. Hope to keep you posted 😉

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