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Kiwi English – the Housewarming


Kiwi English – Spreading the Word

One of the most important tasks a teacher can do is to keep a logbook, just like a captain. I thought I’d write down some of the activities I’ve been working on so far, just so that I can reflect on them in good time. If I don’t do it now, they’ll perish from my memories…forever.

The main decision was to decide on the date and time of the ‘kick-off’ so to speak. Well, as I was talking to my current students about SL, especially about its educational potential, it has occurred to me that I need to have an initial, social event. This would break the ice, give everyone a chance to look around the surroundings, and most importantly get to know all the participants.

Therefore, I’m planning to have a ‘house-warming’ party in Koru on Friday 17th June 2011, 3-4pm New Zealand time. Time converter:

Hope to see you then!

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