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Kiwi English – the Numbers Game


An interesting dilemma – to have or not to have a lot of avatars at the housewarming party?

As I started my publicity stunt, namely inviting those who’d be interested in joining a series of inworld sessions, called ‘Kiwi English’, I was faced with a number of questions. Questions that certainly needed some thought and planning ahead. One of those questions was ‘Can more than 20 avatars come to the party?’. I never thought this would actually be a problem, please excuse my naivety, or should I say ‘ignorance’. I still have no idea to this day! Would it really crash the server, or servers? If so, then what? Is there a way to reduce the risk but still have lots of avatars present? All I can say is that I must find out! I must find out soon!

So, thank you, especially Professor Merryman, for highlighting this issue 🙂

Another question was whether I should invite my own students? Well, I actually already have but I can’t help them in any way 😦

I invited them, some were interested, some were very keen. But there was a huge catch – that they needed to download the viewer onto their own laptops (and install it), register an account, befriend me inworld and join the group – NMIT Languages, using their own ISP! All for a 1-hr free English lesson, when they’re actually already participating in a classroom environment. None of the PCs on the network have SL installed on them. It’s apparently very tedious to maintain it on a regular basis. Therefore, I can only give verbal instructions to my students, and hope for the best.

This is somehow not going to be so successful, as the students don’t get some sort of support, especially at the beginning of a huge learning curve. (Some of those students are actually IT students and very IT savvy but…

So, whilst my hands are tied for my own students, who are actually keen to explore the virtual worlds for learning English, I’m also blessed with the fact that by inviting participants from ‘Cypris Chat’ and ‘Virtlantis’, I’ll be meeting many people (or avatars) who will probably be well ahead technically and also very keen to learn some Kiwi English.

So, I’m looking forward to the challenge of hosting a large number of avatars, and having a darn, good time 🙂

See you at the ‘Housewarming Party’!
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