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E-Learning Futures Conference


Abstract Acceptance at an International Conference

It’s official – the abstract “Learning a Second Language in Second Life – Using ‘Holodecks’ for the Language Classroom“, prepared by Dr Clare Atkins & me, has just been accepted by the International Conference on e-Learning Futures.

It’s wonderful news on so many different levels – that language learning in virtual worlds is being acknowledged, that I’ll be presenting alongside someone who is one of the best educators in virtual worlds in New Zealand, if not the world, and that this is going to be my first ever refereed publication.

This topic has a special place in my heart because it’s been a difficult learning curve, which is still ‘curving upwards’. But what a challenge! It gives a whole new meaning to the saying ‘Do something new everyday’, or is it ‘Learn something new everyday’. The grey matter is certainly enjoying the ride.

Of course, learning about virtual worlds just wouldn’t be possible without the support, encouragement and guidance of two of the best teachers in virtual worlds – Clare Atkins & Aaron Griffiths. Thank you both for sharing your passion & enthusiasm for virtual worlds and their educational potential.

I’d better get back to the paper – the deadline is approaching already!

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