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Kiwi English – the Invitations


The Invitations are sent out!

Yes, it’s official – Kiwi English classes will start next week.

I remember the first time I stood in front of a class, and learnt very quickly to stand somewhere else 🙂 This will be the first time I teach to students who are not in my current class (in real world). So I won’t really know who they are…I hope they’re keen students who’d like to meet others and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Here’s a copy of the invitations – the notecard:

Kia Ora!

 This is a relatively new event where anyone can join in & participate to learn English, especially Kiwi English.

 If you are –

 an English language learner – at least Intermediate and/or IELTS Level 4, have always been interested in the NZ culture & language and hoping to visit New Zealand sometime in the near future then this may be the event you’ve been waiting for!

 You’re also welcome as a language tutor, educator, researcher or someone who is simply keen to observe a language class in action.

 The sessions are free and will require a high level of interaction. You’ll meet some Kiwis, some students who live in NZ and many more people who’d like to learn a bit more about this little country with a big heart.

 Hope to see you at the first session on 29 June 9pm PDT (SL time) – SLurl:-

(Please note – This is the new time)

Ka kite!

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