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Kiwi English Session 2


Kiwi English Session 2 – Unable to get connected

I thought I was always prepared for the technology to fail on me (so that it’s not too much of a shock when it does happen). But why now? Why during my second session ever? I suppose it could have been worse – Session 1 could have been a disaster!

I’m really sorry that I can’t get onto SL right now. My sincere apologies to friends and members who were looking forward to Session 2. I’m in SL but can’t seem to be able to do much – creating notecards, changing my group and making an announcement that I’m here, in Koru. I just can’t seem to be able to do anything 😦

Promise is a promise. Here’s a link to Google Docs to access the materials we were going to use:

Kiwi English Session 2 Resources 

Here’s a copy of the notecard:

Kia Ora & Welcome back!

In Session 2, we'll have a look at some NZ trivia.

Do you really know New Zealand?

Have a look at the link for some pdf files:

This link will take you to the Google Docs where you can download the pdf.

We can talk about these topicscovered in the documents(try not to look at the answers first ;-)

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