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Shar-E-Fest 2011 Hamilton, New Zealand


What an event! Lots of people to meet ‘n’ mingle with, exchanging ideas, even agreeing to disagree on some matters 😉 Isn’t it just great for the grey matter though? Learnt so much over the two days. I hope I was also able to give something in return with my presentation & workshop. (though I must admit I was not able to access Second Life so that was very disappointing indeed – perhaps next year?)

Here’s the link to the presentation, which is very plain-looking. I was really hoping to demonstrate SL but wasn’t meant to be.

The workshop was on Moodle Quiz, called ‘Taking the puzzle out of Quizzes in Moodle’. I think most people were puzzled more than ever…But, all in all, it went well. The colleagues are so supportive and some acquaintances become friends, especially during the social dinner.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next year already!

Thank you John Clayton, Richard Elliot and everyone else who worked so hard to make it happen. Thanks Shar-e-Fest, Hamilton

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