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In Res300


I’m hoping to learn….

…the meaning of these two words to begin with:

Ontology & Epistemology

According to Wikipedia, Ontology means ” the philosophical study of the nature of beingexistence or reality as such, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations.”

There’s also an official website, for ontology, “a theory concerning the kinds of entities and specifically the kinds of abstract entities that are to be admitted to a language system”.

I particularly like the You Tube video by Joel Kimmel. But have a look at the others –

As for Epistemology, Wikipedia explains it as ” the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope (limitations) of knowledge. It addresses the questions:

  • What is knowledge?
  • How is knowledge acquired?
  • How do we know what we know?”
Here’re some YouTube videos:

I hope to be able to interpret these words in my own words, at least by the end of next week!

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