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RES300 – Why Research?


Why am I enrolled in this class?

Easy enough to ask but very difficult to answer for me, at least today anyway. I’m officially enrolled in the class but now having doubts as I have far too many commitments, ?Argh!! 

But I must remain positive, and if I should stay in the class, here’s the reason why I’m doing this course.

I’ve actually started making presentations at seminars, conferences and professional workshops. I strongly believe in sharing ideas and getting some constructive feedback from my peers in the industry. So far so good. I mean, sharing my ideas has been good, and I haven’t had any complaints, so I carry on. But who is to say that everything I say is ‘true’? How can I present my ideas, opinions and professional experience and expect others to actually believe it all?

That is the main reason I am here – to prepare a fully researched, ethically sound and a professional looking proposal, in order to undertake a project in a field that is close to my heart – virtual worlds and language learning.

So I have a topic, in a field in which I’m currently involved in. But I still need to learn hell of a lot to get established in this area. By that I mean, gaining credibility amongst other professionals and getting published (eventually). Put another way, ‘putting my money where my mouth is’.

Watch this space. I hope I can resolve other commitments in my life, and get on with some real research activity.


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