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Epistemology & Research

Qualitative research step by step

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How is epistemology relevant to research?

I’ve quickly scanned the links below, as reading them in detail will take quite sometime, and I haven’t arrived at any particular conclusions. At this stage, I’m still guessing that ‘Epistemology‘ is a way of organising the questions which will investigate the very essence of ‘existence’ – of a particular field, area, subject or concept. Please don’t quote me but any comments or discussions are welcome 🙂

Qualitative Research in Information Systems Qualitative or Quantitative? That is the question.

Design Research in Information Systems

‘research is only one of several ways of “knowing.”‘

A Framework for Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation

Information Systems Research Methods, Epistemology and Applications (a book)

Here’s an abstract that is

Making connections: The relationship between epistemology and research methods

by Dawn Darlaston-Jones University of Notre Dame, Australia

“The ability to identify the relationship between the epistemological foundation of research and the methods employed in conducting it is critical in order for research to be truly meaningful. Unfortunately this connection is often not taught in the research methods classes that most psychology students experience. Indeed the very names of these units emphasises the focus on methods and consequently the epistemology, theoretical frameworks and methodologies that influence the choice of methods remain ‘hidden’ from view. This paper brings into focus these hidden (or often overlooked and ignored) elements of research and illustrates the importance and relevance by drawing on example from the author’s research into the student experience of higher education.”

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