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Artificial Intelligence – a free online course from Stanford University


Stanford University offers free online course in Artificial Intelligence taught by Peter Norvig (Google’s Director of Research and author of the classic AI textbook) and Sebastian Thrun (Stanford professor and winner of the DARPA Grand Challenge).

Certificate offered.

Sign up by September 10!!!!

General Information Links:


Thrun on Winning the DARPA Grand Challenge (Google Tech Talks) –

Thrun on NOVA:

Thrun’s home page:

Norvig’s book: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Norvig’s home page:

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  1. 11/08/2011 8:59 pm

    Is it correct? When I clack this web address, it shows “Page not found”.​edcampus/stanford-u-offers-fre​e-online-course-in-artificial-​intelligence/32622

    Lazy is strong forward momentum, it pushs people grow own technology. When poeple lazy too lazy to walk the river to get water, they produce the water pipe. When they lazy to move thing by themselves, they use wheel, and then they think it is too tired. So they use animal to move the car. Many years later, they lazy to take care the “animal for driver”, they use steam car or fuel car. Now, they lazy to drive by themselves, they use AI to drive the car.(^∀^)

    If many years ago, people are very industrious, they don’t want to mike their work. We can’t enjoy many technology in today. We are so lucky, we have many lazy people that they push the technology.

  2. 11/08/2011 10:11 pm

    Thanks guanghuilin. I’ve checked the link and I hope it works this time around 🙂

    Lazy people? I’d like to think that by way of efficiency, we have more time to spend on important things – like watching the sunrise with someone we love. So we leave the mechanical, repetitive, mundane and dangerous tasks to ‘robots’.

    That’s what I’d like to see happen with AI anyway. But it’s also easy to ‘abuse’ the convenience, not to mention power (Do you like ‘Star Wars’?)

  3. 14/08/2011 11:33 pm

    I know a little bit for this famous story, but I don’t have watch any these famous movies.
    My idea is same to “The Terminator” or “The Matrix”. I worry about robot can dominate the world. Howevery, I don’t worry the robot technology or AI development. I am anxious human thinking.
    When the technology develop to so strong, people will just enjoy the convenience that come from technology. It looks like human is landlord and robot is farmer. Robot grow food but human get all the food.
    My idea is when human give all the work to robot or AI, it means they also give the power that govern themselves to robot or AI.

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