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Practical PHP Programming


Practical PHP Programming by TuxRadar 

Well, what do you know! I’ve developed a new interest – PHP Programming! Yes, me! (Stop rolling over your eyes :-)). I’ve given myself about 10 years to master it so I’m not really that ambitiuous…I think when one spends a lot of time rubbing shoulders with experts in the area (mainly the staff & students at the School of Computing at NMIT), it eventually ‘rubs off”. I think I’m being morphed into being an IT student, slowly but surely…Anyway, check out the link to the site. I particularly like the following statement:

This book assumes no PHP programming skill at all – you’ll be taught from scratch in that respect.

(the source link)

That’s my kind of book! I thought I’d share it with you, in case you share my new passion with me ;-). Enjoy!

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  1. 13/09/2011 8:37 am

    Cool, it’s my kind of book too lol I’m taking SDV201 this semester and working on PHP atm… Can’t say it’s my favourite class, but I am keen to master PHP one day.. (don’t really know how long it’d take me lol). When learning programming, I found that headfirst books are always helpful. You might wanna have a look at it too! (but there is only one copy in the library =( )

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