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IT Project PRJ301


Here we go!

This is it! The IT Research Project is underway. Once the assessment details and deadlines are given out in class, then you know it’s all official and the countdown begins. Nothing like a bit of pressure!

So, where am I with my research? What’s changed over the break? Well, some good changes, and some not so good. I’m still determined to look into the student perceptions of learning additional languages in Second Life, so that has remained. However, the language exchange with a specific language has changed.

Before the break, I was in touch with another tutor from Australia, to collaborate on this project. The university in question had a huge presence in Second Life, still does. The Chinese Island. The idea was to form a language exchange with the Monash University students learning Chinese, and the NMIT students learning English. The demographics at NMIT have changed. Now we have 3 groups of students from 3 different Japanese universities, and very few Chinese students.

The solution? Find another institution that is willing to form a language exchange with Japanese-English combination. It almost sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Well, the trouble is not all institutions that teach foreign languages use Second Life. They may or may not have access to a PC Lab with SL installed. Or they simply may not be interested in any collaboration partners, simply because they don’t have the time.

Back to the drawing board. What are my options? There are a couple of locations where language learning is very active. One location is Virtlantis. I hope to find some fluent English speakers who’d like to learn Japanese.

Obviously I’ll need to narrow my scope, and perhaps be less ambitious…I’d better start advertising for the language exchange opportunity.

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