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The Proposal


Here ’tis!

The proposal for the PRJ301 is here, but still awaiting approval. If you’d like to have a peek, follow this link. Any feedback is also very much appreciated! I hope this develops a general interest and more people undertake similar research in the area of language learning in virtual worlds.

One of the main reasons to learn another language is to have a reason for learning another language. If you don’t have a need for it, you won’t want to continue. I believe virtual worlds create the reason. How so? By creating the surroundings, atmosphere and the need to speak in the target language, without having to face the ups and downs of being in the real environment. Put another way, you can be part of the language community, without having to leave yours. Real escapism in real-time.

That’s what I think anyway. Now the real part begins (if the proposal gets accepted that is). What do the learners think? How do they feel about using Second Life? What are their perceptions?

Perhaps I should change my research title (once again) to Second Life calling: perceptions of language learners communicating across the globe. What do you think?


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