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Technical Matters


Minor setback on the pilot run

Just found out that I can’t use SL in the only PC Lab where it’s installed – until further notice  😦 

So, I need to resume Kiwi English classes in SL without any RL students. Would this have an indirect effect on the research findings? The language learners who are already in SL are likely to perceive SL in a more positive light 🙂 (This would be very useful for me actually…but I must remain objective!)

I really would like to introduce SL to a group of language learners for the first time, then follow them through their journey. I can only guess what their perceptions would be. But I’m interested in both positive and negative ‘first impressions’.

When I tried to introduce SL to my previous group of students, I was unable to help remotely (SL was not installed on the PCs then). Getting started was possible but it needed organisation. Time was an important factor and the idea of asking my students to do all the technical work never really took off. Technology requires time and money. What is the ‘return on investment’ in SL for a language learner, if he/she is already enrolled in a language course?

(Having said that, some of those former students have made contact with me in SL. They’ve obviously overcome those initial  technical barriers 🙂

Perhaps I’ll let the idea ‘brew’ for a while, while I think of Plan B…Besides, I still need to get started on the Literature Review and draw up a framework for the report. In other words, actually start writing the report, even if it’s just an outline.

So no need to panic for now.

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