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Seminar Session


The Project

Second Life calling: oral language exchange opportunities across the globe

An investigation into what way and how language learners benefit from using SL,
especially in a collaborative language learning situation. The research will aim to
investigate the interactions among language learners by observing them in various
language learning situations. It is beyond the scope of this research to deduct or test
any potential hypothesis, such as whether SL contributes to effective learning or not.

Link to the videos

The Approach


This research will be predominantly ‘Pragmatic’ in its approach. In other words, it will
follow a similar approach to > Social Scientific > Qualitative > Inductive > Primary &
Secondary Data, but will not necessarily be driven or determined by it. The
methodology will be ‘Case Study’, involving a number of semi-formal observations
and interviews. It is anticipated that various learning situations will be initially piloted,
to eliminate anticipated issues in conducting the lessons (artefacts) and/or
interviews. There may also be some questionnaires given to the potential


The Problems



Internally – A217

Potential Participants

Regular attendance / participation (to be encouraged with some Linden Dollars $$$)

The Learning Curve

Participants – training the potential users on the use of the technology/highlight possible pit falls/offer suggestions

Personally – observing MUV601



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