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Literature Search – Part 1


How many is enough?

What is the magic number? How many articles are enough for a good literature review? One? Two? Hundred? It’s probably the quality, not quantity but I’d really like to know that magic number 🙂 What about the  type of article? Is a YouTube video academically credible?

Below is my first attempt at collating some reference material. Some will have links to the article, others may not, as they’re not publicly available.

Wills, S, (2012) Role-based e-learning for university students : a comparison of Australian, American, British and Singapore designs Retrieved April, 12 2012 from

Uzun, K. and Aydin, H. (2012) The use of virtual ethnography in distance education research Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE Volume: 13 Number: 2 Retrieved April 10th 2012 from

Ishizuka H, Akama K (2011). Language Learning in 3D Virtual World. eleed, Vol. 8. Retrieved December, 13 2011 from

Hundsberger, S. (2009) Foreign language learning in Second Life and the implications for resource provision in academic libraries Retrieved March, 12 2011 from

Vickers, Howard. 2010. VirtualQuests: Dialogic Language Learning with 3D Virtual Worlds. CORELL: Computer Resources for Language Learning 3, 75-81. Retrieved April 16 2012 from

Huang, H.-M., et al., (2010) Investigating learners’ attitudes toward virtual reality learning environments:…, Computers & Education Retrieved April 16, 2012 from

Grant, S. & Huang, H. (2010)  The integration of an online 3D virtual learning environment into formal classroom-based undergraduate Chinese language and culture curriculum Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching, 1(1), 2-13.  Retrieved April 16, 2012 from

Students Perception of Motivation to Learn: Does an Avatar Motivate?


Global Classroom Project –

Turning immigrants into citizens

A Cross Examination of Teachers and Students’ Perspectives on Using Second Life for TESOL in Higher Education

Incorporating 3D-Virtual Reality into Language Learning

  1. Tracy Rogers permalink
    19/04/2012 6:51 pm

    Good luck. I don’t envy you right now, but will be doing my own very soon. Not sure how well a Youtube clip will go down for a lit review but in your case it might provide some good examples. Enjoy!

  2. 19/04/2012 9:41 pm

    Thank you Tracy! I’ve actually been told to keep the numbers low so no YouTube clips for me 😦
    Good luck with your research too. What’s your blog address then?

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