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But I have promises to keep


And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep – Robert Frost

My promises to my:

  • supervisor: to make regular blog entries about the project
  • students: to resume the Kiwi English sessions in Koru
  • family: to stay cool, calm and calculated (as I can no longer be collected)
  • myself: to complete the research project and eventually my Grad Dip in IT

Here’s the PRJ702 update:

  • regular meetings arranged with the expert in the field of IT AND virtual worlds, which is really inspiring!
  • the next challenge is to get some laptops and FL students (I may need to divide the class in half  in case some sts are not interested in SL)
  • check the lab for one more time, in case it’s back in action and running, and actually book it
  • make a lesson plan!

Kiwi English Sessions:

  • should be practical
  • will use the existing resources on the hyperdome – job application / job interviews / writing a CV
  • would love to invite both FL and SL students, and mix them up, depending on the time zone differences

Now , I must get some sleep….

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