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Role-playing out of this world


Action Learning in Second Life

This post is to meet the requirement for DTLT502: Assignment 1 – Investigate a Learning Approach.

It also lends itself to the partial completion of the current PRJ702 Research Project – Second Life Calling: Language learners  communicating across the globe, which investigates the perceptions of English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners using Second Life as an educational tool.

The link to the presentation, Role-playing out of this world – created using the ‘Explain Everything’ app on iPad.

If you wish to look at the sections of the presentation, (instead of the whole video) the links are as follows:

The link  to the 4 min introductory video about the Hyperdome on Koru.

The link to the “Checklist for the learning resource”  here.

The references used in the video:

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