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PRJ702 Update – 29 August 2013


“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” Albert Einstein

It may feel like the current research project is almost abandoned but I can reassure you that a lot has been happening behind the scenes. I shall highlight the events in bullet points, as I need to make the most of my limited time.

  • the installation of Firestorm in the PC Lab – complete! I need to check the audio/communication, preferably with another avatar, using a headset & a microphone
  • inviting volunteers – I’ll be asking (or reminding) Intermediate level learners that we can resume the sessions now that the above point is complete. I worked with this level of learners in Sem 1 and managed to introduce them to Second Life (SL) via the web site. So most of them will be registered already and (hopefully) familiar with the concept of virtual worlds. If not, we can have an introductory session (Session 0) to go over the set up. Better still, I could perhaps ask peers to help each other -practising their language skills. If they can explain it to each other, then I’ll know that they know. (I won’t ask them to explain SL to their grandparents (just yet!)
  • I have the ‘blessing’ of the English Language Programme that I can assess the learners’ proficiency in Listening/Speaking, so although the sessions will be outside the scheduled class time, they’d be able to get some feedback and earn credit. (I must make sure this is communicated well to the learners – that SL is not ‘just a game’)
  • as for the report itself – I’m glad to say that it’s 50% complete! I love the word ‘flexi’! But I know too well how the time just disappears in a blink! Therefore, I managed to self-impose a couple of deadlines:
    • Ascilite 2013 – a concise paper has been submitted & I’m eagerly waiting the ‘Ay’ or ‘Nay’, or preferably ‘Ay but with the following amendments’. Fingers crossed!
    • Working Paper – submitted to NMIT and received some suggestions to make it look like a Working Paper. And, yes, I’m working on it, really.

Ahh, the joys of being a student….Once I graduate (!), I’d like to take a long break from being a student. All this ‘self-imposed’ pressure is causing me sleepless nights. Then I end up being too tired to write my research report.. A vicious cycle indeed.

Let’s see if I can turn the cycle into a virtuous one??? Well, virtually anything is possible 😉

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