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Firestorm – here we come!


This is a quick post, promise. The English language classes have resumed! Yes, today 5 students, Intermediate level, took the plunge and dived into Second Life – via Firestorm! I still need to check the audio but haven’t got enough headsets & mic.

We went to Koru & listened to the wildlife via the loud speakers, had a go at walking, jumping and yes, flying! The responses are positive (so far!!). Some students highlighted a danger already though – they said that ‘Second Life can be addictive’. Hmm, must use it sparingly then 🙂

A couple of students asked how to get in there from home and found out about downloading the viewer. One of those students said that she didn’t know how to use computers but decided to download the viewer anyway as soon she got home this evening. Not bad for a novice 😉


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