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PRJ702 Update – 19 October


In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Well, writing a research report is not the battle – finding the time to write one is! But my planning is immaculate, of course. I’ll be spending 1 hour a day on the report, which will give me ample time to edit, check, re-edit, and eventually submit it. Well, as I said, my planning is great. It’s the execution I’m worried about…

It may look like I’ve been spending more time planning than actually writing my report but I have been busy, promise. I received the news that my submission to Ascilite 2013 was ‘conditionally accepted’. I must say it’s actually our paper, as Dr Clare Atkins is the co-author (without her contribution, it probably wouldn’t have passed through the peer review process – thank you Clare!). Now we await the results…tick tock tick tock… Watch this space.

I’ve also resumed the Kiwi English Sessions in Koru (4 weeks prior to the semester break). The small but selective group looked like they were enjoying themselves and their avatars 🙂 The only problem is the headsets – I haven’t got any! Ah, the trials and tribulations of technology. I may just have to borrow a couple of headsets/mics for next Friday’s session. I can’t really give up now as I’ve come too far and it would be too easy to give up just because I haven’t got any headsets. But there are days when I can’t help but wonder whether I should just stick to ‘chalk and talk’ methodology??? This immersive, 3D multi-user environment requires to many ‘ifs’ – If only I had some headsets… If only the Internet was faster… If only I had more time to build in Second Life….

I need to stay focused and positive. I was making plans to actually enrol into the MA in Education in Virtual Worlds (see, I’m very good at making plans!) but here I am already thinking of quitting just because I can’t find some headsets (or Oculus Rift for that matter)

The second seminar is looming and I really would like to say that I’ve made some progress. I only hope that the paper gets accepted at Ascilite. Then I’ll have to finish the report.

OK, back to the battle zone – one more hour of writing. I’ll have to keep the motto of a certain famous sport brand ringing in my head – ‘Just write!’

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