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Systems Development Methodologies – The Outline


SYD701 Assignment 3 – The Outline

“Purpose: This assignment asks you to take a holistic view of the systems development process and to identify various elements that could be brought together to create a useful process for the development of a specific complex project. The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of elements found in currently used methodologies and to apply that understanding by constructing a workable methodology or project development process and providing examples of how it might work in practice. You are NOT required to complete all the documentation for the system.”

This is my first attempt to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing or put another way plunging into Step 1 – not knowing what I don’t know! I thought if I documented the process, on a regular basis, perhaps I could figure out what I should be doing BEFORE the due date! I seem to take an awful long time ‘to get my head around’ new concepts, methods, processes…and yes, methodologies. (I’m still struggling with that concept – What is a methodology?)

Here’s the outline of what I should be addressing in this final Assignment for SYD701:


  • Theory
    1. Define the chosen Process/Methodology
    2. Description of ‘four’ elements, including the justification
  • Practice
    1. Construct an overall Rich Picture & Root Definition of the scenario
    2. Construct a High Level Plan
    3. Demonstrate an understanding of ‘four’ elements
  • Reflection
    1. Appropriateness
    2. Use of the ‘four’ elements
    3. Possible future use

I’m really curious to find out how the above process unfolds! Since I wouldn’t be able to explain what each item means at the moment. But learning process is quite magical. Somewhere along the line, the light bulb will show its bright self and everything will fall into place somehow. Right now, it remains a mystery and seems an impossibility but I’ll hang in there. After all, the beginning of any project is always exciting, full of hope and ideas, as there’s plenty of time to finish it! (Let’s see how it changes as the deadline approaches). Watch this space!


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