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Why me?


This is probably the most difficult task for me so far – why me?

I could talk about 3D multi-user virtual worlds (MUVEs), or I could even attempt to say a few words about LiveCode (my life-long hobby), and perhaps could dive straight into the topic of Agile software development, using the Scrum framework, which is delivering shippable software every ‘sprint’.

Of course, then there’s the use of Social Media, no, not just for ‘fun’ watching funny videos, but for professional development. Amazing what you can find on Twitter profiles! But you’ve got to be selective about who you follow on Social Media ;-).

All of which leads me to the topic of academic research, because you can’t practise as an educator without grounded theory, and you can’t theorise without real practice! It’s a virtuous cycle you see. You just have to question everything!

But, instead of all that I have to talk about myself – why, oh why?


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