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Project: Scaffolding for the RWC


I like Rich Pictures. I’m not creatively talented, as you can probably see in the image below) but I enjoy the challenge of drawing the ‘big picture’.


So what’s the big picture in education? I believe every tutor should be a learner, for as long as being a tutor/educator. It’s only then we (the teachers) can really see what it’s like being a student – missing the due dates, waiting for the Turnitin score, and finding out what we don’t know by completing assessment tasks! Phew! The more we ‘learn’ the less we know (I think it was Einstein who said that..I’ll google it later, as a current student I’ve also become an expert at procrastination!)

I’m glad to say my second assessment is complete and submitted (and I have no idea what my Turnitin score is – terrified to check it!) There’re two more tasks, one an online quiz, and another one in-class exam. I can’t really say which one I prefer more – written assignments or in-class exams? I guess I’ll find out in due course 🙂

I’ve enjoyed the process of finding out what I don’t know. Now the process of actually learning begins. On the task side of things, I’ve discovered a rule of thumb when it comes to project management – whatever your estimate is, just triple it!!

One last item of reflection – working full-time AND studying part-time is too #$@% hard! Do one thing or the other, to give full credit to each endeavour. Perhaps I should go for PMI or PMBOK certification, rather than a Masters. Decisions, decisions. Friday nights are not great to make these sorts of decisions, especially with a glass of G&T 😉



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