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What do the words openvented, crossslide and dwangs have in common?


What do you do at the end of a long day, filled with giving presentations, sitting in on long meetings and dreading deadlines? Attend a presentation by an expert who knows her vocabulary! Thanks to the NATESOL committee, this afternoon English Language tutors in the region attended a talk by Averil Coxhead from Victoria University of Wellington, who shared her recent research project with us and gave us some pointers on teaching vocabulary.

It was refreshing, energising and completely relevant! Research must be applied to everyday classroom (that is if you’re a teacher, otherwise pick your location, where ever it maybe – retail shop, ocean, space shuttle) If you can’t apply your findings to your teaching, you’ve probably been wasting your time doing all that research. If you can’t justify your teaching, you probably shouldn’t be in front of students. Research & practice go hand in hand. Useless to have one without the other. Therefore when someone from a department of Applied Linguistics gives a talk, you know it’ll be good! I was too tired to go but not disappointed. Instead came out rejuvenated. Discovered new publications too!


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