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Sample Post for DES501 Assessment 1


I must admit I wasn’t really sure how to start this assessment task so I did what most people would do – googled it! When I entered the search phrase “IT Companies” I came up with over 1 billion returns!sample-search-1

I had to refine my search a bit, e.g. “IT companies in NZ” or “IT companies in Nelson” Bingo!


I actually heard good things about BlueBerryIT, which incidentally came on top of my Google search. I decided to follow it up, so used LinkedIn and FB Pages to find out more about the company.

Wehn I had enough to go on, I decided to something I never had the nerve to do before! I actually gave them a call! Well, I thought this is my great opportunity to have an excuse to call, introduce myself and find out a bit more about the company. I couldn’t see the organisational structure on the web site so I thought I’d ask.

It paid off big time! They were very helpful and gave me a good half an hour on the phone to describe the company, how they operate and deliver their products. One of the discoveries from our phone conversation was that they have a matrix organisation structure, rather than a functional one. They explained the difference, which I can’t remember, but since I like the movie Matrix, I’m sure to remember the term for many years to come!

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