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I would like to apply for a job


No, no, I’m perfectly happy with current my job! In fact, I’m living the dream – got my dream job, in a dream location with my very real family! It is a dream come true! My role involves assisting others to achieve their dream jobs.

The process of finding and nailing the dream job got me thinking. When I look back to the jobs and careers I’ve had, I had a realisation. I think I’ve only applied for 2 or 3 the most jobs which were advertised. All the other jobs, and career moves, involved approaching the employer directly. As most of my positions involved teaching and training, the job interviews also included a ‘show’n’proove’ session, that is I had to demonstrate my teaching skills. Those were the best interviews because I was in my element – facilitating learning. How can you demonstrate that in a job interview? “Ah, I’m really good at relating to others and I’m a fast learner”. I’d like to do it, rather than tell. I think it’s more powerful to demonstrate your skills, instead of talking about them.

Once I’ve come to a realisation, then I thought I’d better practise what I preach. Hence the pilot study. I’ve just submitted it today, and although I’m excited about the prospect, I also know it’s a competitive conference to have your abstract accepted. I’ll keep you posted though.

What I wanted to investigate was a number of factors:

  • Perceptions of undergraduate IT students in practising their soft skills, such as giving job interviews
  • How can the process be improved? The process of preparing and practising for job interviews.
  • What further studies or improvements can I recommend?

I’m biased and I must admit at this stage that I’m not very keen on job interviews myself. In fact I tend to freeze up when they pose the question: ‘Tell us about yourself”. I’d much prefer to demonstrate my skills in a role-play situation. With that in mind, I’ve decided to dive into the world of 3D multi-user virtual environments to find out if there’s a stepping stone to lead into the real job interviews. And the idea of playing in a MUVE has less anxiety. Let’s hope that’s the case 🙂

Abstract Submitted 30 March 2017

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