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Ascilite 2017 Product Backlog

Ascilite 2017 Backlog Draft 2

Ascilite 2017 Backlog Draft 2

Here ’tis! This is the big picture, aka the high level requirements, with designated dates for completion. Errors were spotted as soon as Draft 1 was created, hence the Draft 2. This is just a spreadsheet, right? It has taken me at least 2 full days to put it together. Obviously, I need to speed things up a bit, if I wish to meet any deadlines! I haven’t taken into account other variables, such as ‘getting sick’ or ‘taking on extra work’ or even ‘doing any coding’. Expect to see Draft 3 by tomorrow in other words 😉

In case you’re wondering what this is all about, other than self-inflicted torture, well, this is part of the Ascilite 2017 Mentoring Program. My designated mentor is Scott Grant He has no idea what he’s getting himself into! But let’s keep it this way, otherwise he might change his mind about mentoring me! I’m going to be forever indebted to him for volunteering to do this. I hope I can also contribute something to this project as a mentee.

This blog post is my attempt to keep on track. I thought if I post regularly, say every fortnight, then there’s a good chance that I might just keep up. Time-management skills are paramount! The ultimate aim of this program is to write up a research proposal to be considered for admission to Ed.D. at UNE But regardless of being accepted, we need to report on the process of mentoring at the ASCILTE 2017 conference. Watch this space.

All comments, and criticism welcome so please feel free to drop a line or two.


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